Damarco is a unique meeting place in the Italian Pre-Alps near Venice. We offer lodge, bistro-restaurant, spaces and courses in breathtaking nature – all in conjunction with a rich cultural offer.

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Values and vision of Damarco

  • To convert this special place into an environmental friendly lodge for locals as much as for international guests
  • To promote healthy food & drinks with locally grown and produced ingredients
  • To encourage activities in a pristine environment such as hiking and cycling
  • To build a centre for arts, music, retreats, workshops, languages, etc.

People behind Damarco

Alessia & Christof share a passion for traveling, foreign languages, renewable energies, natural and healthy cuisine, sport and the Pre-alps.

After having lived in the British countryside for three years they decided to return to Italy in order to start a life and work project in Cerbaro. Remembering what their granny Bruna used to say – “stones that roll don’t put roots down” – they wish to put roots down right here in the Altopiano of Tretto.

History of Damarco

In the 70s Bruna and Marco Santacatterina began the construction of the “Restaurant and Hotel Da Marco”, a unique meeting place in the Italian Pre-Alps, approximately 100kms from Venice.

The story of Damarco is that of an entire family revolving around the spacious building with three characteristic wide arches: Bruna and Marco’s son, Guido, supported by siblings Loretta and Gastone, took over the business in the 1980s and made Damarco the preferred place for gourmets that enjoy the food as much as the warm and relaxed atmosphere.

After the passing of the beloved Bruna and Marco, 2017 became the time for returning to and rebuilding Damarco. The granddaughter Alessia and her husband Christof choose to live at Cerbaro and continue the family tradition incorporating their very own vision and abilities.