Within walking distance of our accommodation you will find many walking and biking trails.

We reproduce here the ones you can also find in our brochure:

  • P1 CERBARO - 30' S: Souvenir cross/lake, path to the left below the campsite.
  • 2 CAPPELLA DI SANTA CATERINELLA - 20' S: In contrà Rossi turn left: at the first capitol continue and climb up to the Chapel of the Miracle. Read the history of this special place.
  • 3 PALESTRA DI ROCCIA - 30' M: at the first capitol take the path to the right
  • 4 ALBA CONTRA' - 1h30' M : connects to the SU1 and SU2 trails. For the return 4.1 (Bosco di Tretto) or 4.2 (Contrà Greselini)
  • 5 SANT'ULDERICO VILLAGE - 1H30 M: It is part of trail SU1
  • 6 SANTA CATERINA VILLAGE - 1h30 M: It connects to the SC1 trail
  • 7 MONTE NOVEGNO WALK - 3h D: From Damarco parking lot reach theCAI trail (white and red) to Novegno; return via CAI trail - Casara Vecchia
  • 8 MONTE NOVEGNO BY BIKE/EBIKE Bike - 2h D, Ebike 1h30' M/D: White road to busa Novegno and return Casara Vecchia.
  • 9 MONTE SUMMANO BY BIKE/EBIKE Bike - 3h30' D, Ebike 3h M/D: cross Bosco di Tretto and take direction Villaggio San Gaetano/Colletto/Monte Summano
  • 10 CONTRA' ACQUASALIENTE - 4h D: reach contrada Quartiero and follow path SM1
  • 11 VALBONA AND VALMARA - 3h30' M: reach contrà Facci and follow SC2. Some mills are present.
  • 12 FAIRY TALE ROUTE - 30' S: Theme trail for children. Departure after our parking lot.

There are other interesting trails not far from us:

  • NATURE PATH: departure from contrada Zaffonati (San Rocco)
  • THE CRESES OF MONTE SUMMANO: from the locality of Colletto
  • VALLE DELL'ORCO: departure from contrà Pozzani or Fabbrica Saccardo
  • THE 52 GALLERIES OF PASUBIO see activity area